Please let us earn topazes [migrated from UserVoice]

I’ve reached the point where I have almost maxed out all of the accessories possible to buy with crystals. It is pretty difficult to get topazes to buy new items, or to try to win them in the difficult drawing. If we could use crystals to buy topazes, it would be easier to move forward.


I agree. We should have the option to use crystals or in app purchase, at this point I finished the game and started a new one but we should not have to be forced to pay for topazes. It’s hard to earn topazes and not everyone can afford to pay for them. If this is an issue with paying developers then I’d be happy to pay a one time fee, but I know that the game is having a great success with in app purchases. Please offer more options to get topazes. Thanks.

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Hi Karen,

Thank you for your feedback. Currently you can earn topazes through:

  • Chests (+5 from silver chests and +18 from gold chests)
  • +5 Topaz everytime you watch an ad
  • +5 Topaz through liking your friend per day (one of the accessories increases the number of likes you can send to your friends)
  • +2550 topazes every 28 days from Daily gifts
  • A bunch of topazes you can earn through achievements

We do plan to add another option to earn topazes through social interactions. Will update this thread once it’s implemented.


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