PLEASE HELP! Lost all my data!

Id - 94p7qj
Name - Garruk
Server - Pump Garden

I have been having a real hard time getting my steps to sync. I use google fit. After reading the forums here, I saw that I wasn’t the only one. I read the thread and decided to try the uninstall and reinstall method. I saved my game and then uninstalled. After reinstalling and loading the game, it had me back at the beginning at lvl 2. Did the tutorial untilit had me connect for steps. Google fit just kept telling me to walk 10 steps but it wouldnt work. I then decided to hook up my fitbit and that worked. I went to the save section and tries to see if I could load my previous one. It just saved this new game. Uninstalled and allthat again, and I was right back at lvl 2 and back in the tutorial. I believe I was lvl 16but I don’t remember. I spent most of my Crystal’s and had some decent gear. Tried the mega superpass but never got the rewards. Please help as this is terribly discouraging