Please discuss if this guy is hacking

This guy name NWX in league C. A 3 weeks ago he only had a 2 stars Twinkie. Now he has multiple 5 and 6 stars legendary/epic pets.

I dont know if this is one of your guy @marspark or he found a way to hack pet fragments. If this could be hacked, no one will spend money to buy the pet-pack anymore. :frowning:

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Very suspicious, I’ll investigate. Thank you for reaching out.

Please do. And another char named Nick from league B has the same suspicious pattern regarding pets.

Btw any news on the development?

We’ll be adding more anti-cheat checks regarding pet fragments in the next update. The update is still under testing, we’ll release it as soon as we can.


A bit of teasers for the bois please Mars ? :smiley: