Play Focus Plant using Striving

You must connect “Focus Plant” to "Striving"

1. Create a “Striving” account

2. Connect “Focus Plant” to "Striving"

  • Via Sync

  • Via Settings → Account → Sign in with Striving

3. Your future focus sessions in “Striving” and “Focus Plant” will be uploaded automatically and you can share them with any of the apps


Q: I’ve connected to “Striving” but I can’t sync focus minutes

You can only sync focus sessions starting after the moment you connect to “Striving”. i.e, if you connect “Striving” at 10 am, only focus sessions starting after 10 am will be synced over.

Please don’t disconnect from “Striving” because it will reset the sync start time each time you re-connect to “Striving”.