Plants not collecting energy/gems/diamonds

I’ve noticed that my totals on energy/diamonds/gems haven’t been increasing as much as before even though I haven’t been spending as fast either. I started noticing that a lot of plants don’t have things to harvest when I open the game, even if I haven’t opened it for several hours. A lot of my amethyst and diamond harvesting plants aren’t producing anything. Anyone else have this issue? It’s really frustrating as I can’t advance because I can’t collect the resources.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. Does the bug effect all plants or partial plants? Please note that plants planted in the wrong world don’t produce resources.

Sorry, just realized there was a reply here. Yeah I was looking things over, and put those plants away in storage, then planted them in their correct worlds on a whim and that was the issue.

It’s concerning to see that my energy, diamonds, and gems aren’t increasing as significantly as they used to, despite my reduced spending. I’ve also observed that many plants in the game lack harvestable items when I log in, even after leaving the game untouched for several hours. Strangely, my amethyst and diamond harvesting plants seem to be inactive as well. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? It’s quite frustrating since this resource scarcity is hindering my progress in the game.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. The only reason the plants stopped producing resources is because they are planted in the world where they don’t belong. If you believe that’s not the issue, please let me know your game id so we can take a look.