Phone not supported?

Hey guys. Since I don’t have Fitbit, I decided to download Google Fit to track my steps. However, even though it shows that Pocket Plants can access Fit, my phone is “Not Supoorted” on Pocket Plants. Could anyone suggest what to do?

Hi George,

Pocket Plants doesn’t support Google Fit at the moment. We are still planning to add the tracking option to the game.

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Are there other apps that are supported by Pocket Plants?

Sorry for the delayed reply.

The game supports Fitbit at the moment.

Any idea when, @Shikudo?

I have Fitbit and I have a watch but it still says my phone is not compatible but that I went through my phone and I allowed background access for running apps and it still isn’t supported and I can’t get my steps to show up on the app is there any way to get my phone supported for the app even though I have Fitbit