Phone isnt tracking my steps

It was very interesting when I found out there’s a feature where it can track my steps and turn it into something else in the game. But the feature just didn’t work very well.It was actually working in the past and strangely only in midnight,that forced me to get up and walk inside my house.And now it can’t even track steps in midnight.It has actually taken away the fun of this game since the step tracker isn’t working.Please fix it asap cause I love this game and I really wanted it to be the reason why I start working out.

Hi @Prblynotgoing2usedis are you using iOS or Android? For Android devices, you have to keep the app in the background so it can track your steps. Majority of Android devices will automatically remove apps from background to ‘save battery’ so normally you’ll need to add Pocket Plants into the whitelist so it’s not getting removed.

It worked for a little while but it is not tracking anything now
I did allow it to keep running at the background but it stops working for some reason
Is there any more solution to problem like these?
Please tell me as soon as possible because I don’t want to miss the chance that I might get another techsaur from this new Easter event
Sorry to bother you doe