Pets! New feature

Has anyone gotten a pet yet? How is it?

I’ve got several pets. They are supposed to help your team in the battles, however I don’t see any difference so far. You need to level up them & evolve (rebirth) them. So it’s going to slow down your general progress a lot :thinking: If I remember right, it took me about 2 months to finish 3 modes on my first server.

Pet and pet support’s bonus is significant and will take time to grow your pet team :slight_smile:

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Cool! So it’s a feature still in beta, but doesn’t work yet?

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My pet interface appeared on the bottom right of the home screen once I had enough similar fragments to acquire one full pet. Till that time, I saw no way to check number of pet fragments obtained. This was confusing for me until I checked the forum. Perhaps it could appear when you receive your first fragment, but be inoperable till a full set is obtained?


I agree it was very confusing to start with. I read about the pets but no eveidence of such

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Can you explain how the mutate works ? I’ve spent Crystals but can’t see what difference it’s making to each pet

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Hello , same for me, I don’t see any effect. Thanks

You need at least 2 star pet

After unlocked mutate

A skill that i’ve finally happy with

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I did the mutating the other day so can’t recall exactly what happened,

I just kept spending the crystals thinking I was upgrading a mutated skill of some sort …ie I kept spending 30 crystals on the same unlock …over and over :thinking:
Is that the correct thing to do ?

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I’ve just got my first 2-3 star pet. From what I saw: mutate gives you a random skill from (my assumption) the skills available for that pet. Twice I had the same skill :frowning:

It’s annoying that refreshing the stores & now mutating doesn’t give clear indication that process has been done, especially when there’s no difference between now & the previous.

Hmmm…thanks for your replies, I’m still confused :woman_shrugging:…think I’ll just spend the 20 crystals once in future
It’s only on my Fitland game where I’ve been able to get lots of pets, it’s more fun on the newer servers but I can’t stop popping back once a day after all the work I put in :roll_eyes:

Mutation skill takes effect automatically (if the pet is in your team). Mutate means you want another set of skill rather than the current ones. The lock button means you want to have certain skills locked so they are not replaced.

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I think each pet has a set of skills per mutation. For example, you can only choose from three skills in each star mutation stage. This is just a theory because I kept changing the skills but it was the same three skills rotating.

All the skills listed in mutation applies to your team automatically. I haven’t confirmed with our game designer if low rarity pets have only 3 mutation skills but the more rare pets definitely have more skills to choose from and some of them are very exclusive!