Pets issues, stats & slots

  1. On fragments, pets show as having one stat, but once you collect a full lvl 1 pet the stat is different. Which is correct?

  2. Why do we have to unlock pet spaces across all team options?? (Dark Rush, Arena, & regular battles, so spending x3 times to unlock the same space)

(Also note “heroe team” instead of “hero”)

  1. Once you have all the supporting pets, it will add an additional stat to your team.

  2. Originally the price for unlocking each slot is 3x the amount as it is now. (i.e 1st slot is 300 crystals and the 2nd slot is 600 crystals since the bonus for having additional slots is significant). However we think it is unfair for some users as they won’t need that many slots for different gaming mode so we’ve split them into 3 sets.

  3. Thank you for pointing out the typo!

Just the first issue then: the basic attribute stats don’t match. I don’t mean the bonus or support skills. When you look at the Pet Details info it says “Basic Attributes HP 432”, but when you’re looking at the pet itself it says “Basic Attributes HP 700” (at one star, lvl one, so I haven’t done any kind of upgrading or anything to it yet)

Thank you for the other answer!

That’s pretty weird, I’ll check with our game designer tomorrow.

I’ve tried to rebirth my Jelly but he didn’t get the second start. He’s exactly the same as before.

Did it say if it succeeded or failed? There’s a 90% chance of success & 10% chance of failure, which is low but still possible.

I’ve checked our designer and there’s a bug with the popup. + 700 hp is the correct attribute.

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It actually freezed the app and I need to force quit to see what happened. But ok, maybe it the rebirth failed

I find the new pet system interesting. But the layout is a little frustrating in regards to the arena team picking (haven’t tried elsewhere yet). In order to figure out which pets I wanted on my team, I had to go to the pet menu and write down “green blob, green cube, red blob” etc. On a piece of paper. There’s no name or stats for individual pets on this interface. Having at least the pet name listed when selecting would be a small improvement, IMO.

Maybe I am missing something?

I agree it’s a little frustrating to have to remember or write down which pets I want to equip (my memory is not that great).

I do really like the pets though. They’re very cute!

@Blainemuffin, @Will_Johnson Thank you for the feedback, I’ll let our UX guy know and we’ll see what we can do in the next update!

This is also an bug, the next update will fix it. Thank you for pointing it out.

Thanks, Marspark. My green blob will appreciate having its name visible, I think.

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I had a failed rebirth today & it froze the game, but I could tell it was a failure because the success rate went up to 92%. This latest update seems very unstable.

Amusingly, now that the update has increased the success rate, my Gummy’s rate is now 102%. I’ve noticed the pet stats seem to be fixed now with the update (plus some changes to Crit % on some of them). So thanks for that!

I have one suggestion for pets though & that is to put a “max upgrade” button or something so you can click once after you rebirth & level the pet up all the way (or as far as you can with funds available) & have it with a pop-up that confirms so people don’t click it by accident. My phone isn’t that great, so there tends to be a lot of lag when leveling things up in game. It’s the worst with heroes, but equipment lags too when I’m repeatedly clicking the button. I’d love to just be able to hit a button once & have it go to max.

Yes, we did improve the chance slightly after a balance review.

The max upgrade button sounds good, I’ll pass it to our designer. Thank you.

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