Pet Mutation Pools/Rebirth Informational Guide

This is information about Mutation Skills; how they work, which pets have access to each pool, and the rebirth information. I will continue to update as I learn more.

This is a section I created and the most up-to-date version can be found in Blainemuffin’s Pet Guide


Updated 6/13/2019


Discovered a new mutation.
Zen, after the third mutation, can get:
'Targets have X% change to reflect Y% damage when defending a normal attack."
My range so far is
X: 48.6-52%
Y: 5-7%

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Thanks, I’ll add it.

Does anyone know if the pet star rating or level has any impact on the percentage number you get with the mutation? For example a 2* pet may only get mutation skill with 5% while a 4* may be able to get the same mutation with 30%…Or a level 80 pet may get the skill with 5% but a level 300 pet may get it with 30%…just curious if it’s important to level the pet prior to mutating…

Its has no impact, just pure horrible randomness

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Thanks I wasn’t paying attention close enough to the levels to catch if it had affected or not! :slightly_smiling_face: