Pet fragments not resetting after Rebirth

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature

After rebirth, my Bonsai pet didn’t lose the 30 pet fragments needed to evolve, meaning that he currently only needs an additional 8 fragments instead of 38 fragments to evolve again.

…which is nice, but is it a bug? Please confirm

Have you seen this happen with other pets? I’ve rebirthed a lot of pets and haven’t seen it.

Is it possible that you had more Bonsai pet fragments before the rebirth than you thought you had? If you have extras it doesn’t reset to zero. You get to keep them for the next rebirth.

My Burfi currently has 6 of the 90 it needs to rebirth. If the previous rebirth had not reset it, then I would definitely have more than 6 right now.

That said, my Bonsai has 58 of the 60 it needs to rebirth. It’s therefore possible that it didn’t reset and I didn’t notice. I will definitely pay attention to it next time I rebirth it. Which should be fairly soon!

Maybe this is a Bonsai specific bug? Or maybe it’s just a very rare bug? :thinking:

Update: Just rebirthed a Wrinkle. Had 1 more pet fragment than needed for the rebirth. Successfully rebirthed. Now have 1 out the 130 needed for the next rebirth. Seems to be working correctly. :thinking:

I definitely didn’t have 32 extra fragments

Yeah, I figured that was the case. Had to ask though. :thinking:

I found some more Bonsai parts today. I had a successful rebirth with 65 out of 60 needed. It did subtract the 60 for me, leaving me with 5. I could not recreate the bug.

Looks less likely to be a Bonsai specific bug and more likely to be a bug that only happens rarely. Unfortunately, that will probably make it much harder for them to find and fix.

I encountered this bug again; after trying to evolve (failed) my Pico, the fragments returned, allowing me to try again immediately.
I suspect this is directly related to the equipment duplication bug, as the fragments returned after leveling Pico

To have it happen to you on your Bonsai could be written off as a fluke. To have it happen to you again on your Pico is looking much more like a pattern. :thinking:

For what it is worth, I’ve been constantly farming pet fragments. The vast majority of my rebirth attempts end in failure now (as my pets have more stars), and most of my pets are immediately re-leveled after they fail (the 10 I use in the arena). I think I would notice if this happened to me. And would definitely notice if it kept happening. :thinking:

So, I’m curious. How often does this seem to happen to you? Just the two times or do you suspect even more times but just aren’t sure?

@Marspark, this seems like a pretty good theory. Might want to look into it. :thinking:

P.S. The item duplication bug never affected me either. Never got a duplicate, although I steered clear of inventory changes entirely once there seemed to be a widespread problem.


When the duplication happens, is it after you’ve left the game and come back? If so, it could be a sign that your game was not fully saved and you are replaying the same thing over again. Might also explain why I don’t see it, since I manually save a lot, especially before quitting the game. Just a thought. :thinking:

Thank you for reaching out @Meterian can I please grab your game id so we can have a look?

And big thank you for replying @Rhandar :slight_smile:

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Game ID: vbe2me

I’m not sure if there is anything to see to confirm, except that my Pico is now 5 stars