Pet Fragments from Arena Shop

I was collecting some medal of honor in arena, and i just purchased pet chest for over 3k medal of honor.

And to be honest, it was really disappointing for me; let me explain.

I got rare and common pet fragments from quite some chests, completely wasting my 128 medal of honor of that chest.

Secondly, i got epic and legendary pet fragments from some chests, but that was only one pet fragment from one chest, not even two fragments on any chest.

And considering the face that there are 2 legendary and 4 epic pets, and 20 fragments are needed for each pet assembling, and one chest gives only one fragment.
The amount of medal of honor needed to assemble all epic and legendary pets is: 6*20*128 = 15,360

I think thats kinda disappointing considering the fact that medal of honor is hard to collect, and common and rare pet fragments are also quite common.
And that’s just for collecting them, starring them up is unachieveable.

Can we have different pet fragment chests for different amount of medals, which gurantees fragment of atleast one particular class?
Or giving only epic and legendary pet fragments would be the best.


Yeah, I’ve had the same concern for quite some time. If anything I’d say at least remove the commons from the Arena Shop Chest, but also removing the rares would be ideal as well.


Hey @marspark, please look into the issue (and possible solution) here :slight_smile:

I’d would like to see the removal of common fragments, as well.

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I’ve passed your concern to our game designer, we’ll discuss this. Thank you for your feedback.