Overload - need fit stones

I need a faster way of getting fit stones. It takes way too long to get the needed 600 (to up to 5*) and even longer to get to 900 (to up to 6*). Meanwhile, I have a crap ton of energy that I can’t even use. The walking mile stones are too random and despite my character bonuses, I rarely get any fit stones. Will and knowledge stones I have a good bit and don’t even get me started on the stones to upgrade equipment.

I suppose I could drop a ton of coin on the packages that give fit stones but even then the most I’ve seen was 150 at $10. No thanks. Grinding is fine in this game and tbh whales ruin it. Just need another way to get fit stones. Maybe exchange energy? (10 stones per 10k energy). May throw balance out of whack but I’m getting my tail handed to me in the arena (some with pwr levels 30-40k lower than me but they have 2-6* party members)

Maybe a complaint here but I feel almost soft-locked in my progress. And I don’t want to waste gems on new chars as I save gems for 5* equipment.

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Have you tryed to buy them from guild shop?
For me it is enough with what I get from daily walking bonus (1000k, 3000k and 5000k), guild shop and 1x week events. :blush:

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not lucky on the shop refresh lol. Those never pop up for me. Good thought tho.

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Watch the arena shop refresh- that has fit stone bundles pop up and you can buy more than 1 set in a row if you have enough arena tokens saved up.

The wave event that starts each Saturday night (where I am) has fit stone reward that is worth the 240 gems for another bundle if you’re starving.

Also the walk chests are worth a spend of 50 gems to get the additional drop, if you think you will hit the fit loot on the 2nd try.

Also the fit stone amount in the walk chests will slowly increase as you keep getting player powerups over time. So don’t lose heart!


@DragonX time to dump your energy in the new Glyph mine feature :slight_smile: