Only super plants in first world are accumulating when not actively in-game

When I log in after being out for a while, my first world will have plenty of items to collect. I have amethyst and/or ruby-bearing special plants in several worlds, and when I switch between them, I never have amethysts or rubies waiting, even if I’ve been out of game overnight.

Additionally, if I DO happen to have an amethyst in the third world (the only other world I get an amethyst to appear in, and it is only occasionally), and I accidentally click through the world before collecting, when I come right back to the world, the amethyst is gone. I feel it is pointless to get super plants on any world except the first one if they don’t all have the output they are supposed to.

Hi zommom,

Thank you for contacting us.

On some devices, the full bubbles (orange bubbles) or bubbles might not come up from the second world and onwards due to device running capacity, however when you collect the resources you should still get the fully generated resources.

One way to test the above is to leave your phone overnight (at least 6 hours). Get into the game the next day. If there are plants not showing the full bubbles or any bubbles, go to the Book section and find their info. The plant info page tells you the upper limit (capacity) of a plant. Go back to the main screen and tap the plant (please don’t use the Techsaur feature), and take a notice of the number which comes up on the screen. It should be the same number as shown in the plant capacity section.

Please do let me know if the numbers are different. Please send over screenshots of the issue as well as your game ID (it’s located in the game settings page.). Thank you!