Offline mode issues

Hi there mods! I would like to let you know I am/we are having multiple issues in offline mode. The issues are:

  1. Even if it’s not “Strict mode” I cannot use other apps like YouTube (I use YouTube lectures for the topic I’m studying), Google, etc., unless I go online.
  2. The break time doesn’t follow what I’ve plotted. Example: I plotted 30 minutes for study time after 30 minutes there would be a 5 minute break. But instead the timer for break is always 30 minutes and 30 minutes for study time. It will only have the exact 5 minutes break that I set up if I’m online.

That’s all I’ve encountered so far…I hope you could fix it. Thank you and more power!

Hi @Laddie, thank you for reaching out. We’ll investigate and fix it as soon as possible.