Official Launch

Hi guys,

I’m pleased to let you know that we’ll launch the game officially on 2nd/Sep. We’ve received a lot of valuable feedback during the Early Access program and have made some major improvements during the last couple of weeks.

As the app description stated, your Early Access data will be removed when we launch officially. Once you update to v1.0, you’ll automatically receive the following rewards as a token of our appreciation.

  • 200 suns
  • An exclusive ‘Pioneer’ avatar

Again thank you for all the help and feedback. We’ll see you soon in Fitland and hope the game is entertaining as well as helpful!

Happy focusing!


Will those that have played longer be getting more sun’s? Like a conversion rate of total rain earned now will go towards future sun’s? Or do all early access players start the same?

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@Justaguy nope, all players will start the same. We are adding a new avatar exclusively just for the early access players.

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