Nursery question

So, I’ve had some plants reach level 3 through the nursery. But recently, when I try to add a second plant to the nursery at the same time, the second one chat ballon reaches an accumulated number of over 20 in less than 5 seconds of me placing it there!

It’s crazy! And impossible to keep up. The amount of rain drops it demands are absurd to do at once :confused: it is getting quite frustrated when I was supposed to be doing this to relax and focus.

Is this how it’s supposed to be? Or is there a problem with my game?

Thank you all in advance.


Thank you for reaching out. The 20 quests you are seeing are probably the leftovers from your last plant (it doesn’t get erased when you place a new plant). The quests do refresh faster than you can accumulate resources, we’ll see what we can do.