Nursery info plssss

heyyy, I’d like to know what nursery is and when are we going to be able to use this new category in this marvelous app :smiley: :butterfly:

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Hi @angie1, we are still finalizing this feature and will release it as soon as possible. It unlocks plants’ stage III form.


Esse mês ainda estará disponível esse recurso ?

Hey I noticed the new nursery feature. I have a plant in there and I’m working on getting drops to water it but I keep seeing these red notification bubbles and I don’t know what they are for. Any info on that?

How do you get the plant out of the nursery and actually plant it? Or does it just stay there forever? Seems like it needs a ton of raindrops so I’m not sure I get the point. Can you explain please??

You don’t need to ‘plant’ the plants, the plant in the nursery is like a mirror copy of the actual plant. The plant in your garden will show its stage III form automatically once it reaches stage III in the nursery.

You can change plant anytime by pressing the ‘change plant’ button under the plant avatar. Please note that the removed plant will lose all the intimacy points but will keep the heart level.

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Anything on those bubble notifications in the nursery? I keep getting more and more but I don’t understand what it means…

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I am wondering about that too!

It actually just means the number of lab tasks you have left. Please note that there can only be up to 50 lab tasks active at a time. Hop I helped!

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I cannot get it, it’s too much water

The bubbles mean there are more nursery tasks in the queue. If you see a 12 in the bubble, it means 12 more tasks are waiting under the current one. Save up your raindrops and clear a bunch out at once if you can! It’s a great way to reach stage 3 with the plants more quickly.

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Yes, You must need to clear the first one so that you can see the second task in the queue. The bubble will countdown from 15 to 14. Sometimes, it could be Question & Answer, finding essence and water task is under your current tasks queue. But if you reached the end of the task, you must get 'No lab event yet. Please come back later. The button say ‘Take a break!’. If you saw this nursery icon with this icon :exclamation: that mean your plant has a lab event for you. If you just saw a nursery icon that mean no lab event.

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Where do u find the events? What screen is it? I’ve got 24 events in my nursery notification. Pls help!

Events Is simply the amount of messages you have stacked at the moment. You can stack up to 50.

How do I decrease these messages? Please provide details, I have no clue about this notification in the nursery. TIA

Well, you pay for what the message wants. If they want raindrops you give em raindrops. If they want an essence type, you give’em that.

I don’t even know where the messages are. What screen?
What am I missing? I feel like I should know this.

I’ve only been using the app for 2 weeks tho.

You need to update the app to its latest version.

Heres what I’m looking at. The bubbles keep increasing but I don’t see the list ur talking about on how to decrease the #.

You collect the raindrop and essence to decrease the task. If you saw Question & Answer, please answer it. That one will also pop up as one task.

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