Nursery essence issue

I’m growing plants to level 10 in the nursery but I’m at a point where they are requiring an essence, which I have but it’s not registering that I have it to offer the plant. I can’t move past this point. What do I do??

Hi @Joi_Lynum thank you for reaching out. If the system says you don’t have enough essences, it means you have spent it somewhere else or you’ve mistaken some essences for others (there are 11 different essences in the game).

Idk if that’s it. I have multiples of all the essences

I’m having this issue too

@Joi_Lynum @PeaceLuvPaws Please take a screenshot of the essence it requires and let me know your game id so I can take a look. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

There are 12 essences in the Focus Plant games. If you don’t take pictures, we will not sure.

Hi Brandon, can you plz tell me where can we check for items that we have purchased in Focus Plant via the sunlight store? I am playing the game on an iPad.

You need to find unlock plant popup. If you are currently planting a plant, you need to watch a video or using the speeder to reduce by half of a waiting time and wait until their timer up. If you can’t see the essence what you buy, please check the play store or app store to update the game to latest version. Because some of the essence was hidden in unlock plant popup until you update the game to its latest version.

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Hi @Brandon_Wan , thx for Ur reply. I know that I have one tropical essence, and I need another, but I have also purchased many essence from store, and I want to see how many of each type I have, so that I can decide which plant to put in nursery next. Focus Quest has a page for Stash, that displays all our items, is there a similar page in Focus Plant? @marspark PS: Game is already latest version.

No. You need to check in the sunshine shop in Focus Plant.

My unlock plant popup is still not there because I am currently planting something on the ground. The plants are randomly chosen the essences that they want in the nursery. If you want to find unlock plant popups, please refer to :point_down: talking the page below.

I think the plants want essence of the group to which it belongs, e.g. my Sunbros is in Tropical group in the plant album, so it only needs tropical essence. Sunshine shop only tells about items for sale, does not tell about items already purchased.

The purchased essence in unlock plant popup. Refer to this link.


Ok, I understand. If I click + button while planting a new plant, it will display all my essences. However it would have been great if the developer had added a button to display our stash, similar to Focus Quest. Thanks for helping me out.

@Manny_n3kmw3 Watch out! I saw dead animals that can be carried the essence, the sunshine or speeder. If you have that animal avatar, those dead animals will saw on your farm but they will not show up immediately. If you saw that :snail: and :cat: comment on something. Please tap it to view what they comment about.

If you saw their comment, press the OK button to continue the game.

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Yes Brandon, thanks. I noticed the dialogue icon on the farm animals from the start, and have received sunshine, and some chests too. Maybe one day I will get an essence too. Thanks for ur help. Currently I am stuck on finding a zoo essence for the last 3 days, I have even refreshed the sunshine shop max number of times searching for the essence. Hopefully it will come soon. I have a lot of other essences, but I did not know trick to find out how many we have, till you helped me realise that clicking plus button will give list. Next time I will put that plant in nursery for which I have many essence.

Thank You Brandon. :blush::blush:

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@Manny_n3kmw3 Please check out your other page also. If you have completed all the handbook and you might receive animals avatars in the end. Some of the animals avatars are brought by using sunshine. Because farm animals pop up in different place. You can check how many farm animals you have by tapping the Handbook > Collections > Avatars. If you noticed that they look like animals. Some of the animals can be appear in other places of your Focus Plant’s pages. If you saw grey animals avatars that means farm animals is not in your farm. Because the colors didn’t light up. Please check it where you can get the avatar. Most of the farm animals was not yet active by the plants handbook. If you completed all the handbook, you will get all the chest and sunshine in the end.

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So buying Avatars from Sunshine shop will give more animals which will stay in our farms?

Yes. It is. Most of the animals come from plants handbook and a few animals brought by using sunshine. Do you notice me I am trying to complete all the plants’ handbooks? There are 17 farm animals but the plants’ handbook has 12 avatars if you complete it. When your plant a new plant, you will saw the plants handbook :exclamation: because most likely you discovered new plants and the plant handbook down of the corner. You will saw the rewards progress. All the farm animals avatars will pop up in the right corner of the surprise of your plants’ handbook.

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