Nursery enthusiasts unite!

Hi people,

I’m loooking to make friend who are nursery enthusiasts and like to help each other out on a (almost) daily basis in the nursery.
Especially the skipping of essence events is something we need each other for.

Please send me a personal message if you are interested in becoming friends and helping each other out on a regular basis. (for PM click ‘impocta’ above this message)



Wouldn’t it make more sense to make all names public instead of PMing you to have all enthusiasts unite?


Hi DKTrue,

Maybe that would make more sense.
What kind of ideas do you have for our unition/unity? What is the best way to unite and work together?

You could make a public list by editing your initial post.

For now I’ll make a list in a reply in this topic. As soon as I obtain the rights (i.e. Discourse Trust Level 2 - ‘Member’) to edit my initial post, I’ll put them in there.

Current members of League of Nursery Enthusiasts:
Nurse qkxynn
DKTrue 3gqj3r

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