Number of ads when collecting with Magnet

So back before any of the recent updates(2months?) it used to always just be one ad when collecting rewards with the magnet (w/ subscription) but now there are often multiple. Usually there are 1 to 3 ads that give you a 40% bonus each but sometimes there are even more. Occasionally there seem to be infinite. Like last night i think i watched around 16 ads giving me hundreds of silver coin in bonus before i finally gave up and hit the collect button. Is this by design? Cause it seems unfair. Or a glitch?

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I’ve been having this problem for a while & never got a response

Sometimes it does work correctly, like 1 in 4 or so. But I honestly haven’t seen a pattern with the ads that do or don’t work. I’ve been having lots of ad issues in general. (clicking the watch button, nothing actually plays, clicking it again says something like “ads not ready” or “” so I have to wait a minute, try again, it might play an ad this time, might not. Sometimes the ad actually plays but the game won’t give me the reward anyway. It’s been fairly annoying.)

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That has never happened to me, on either my iPhone or iPad. :flushed:

I wonder what’s different for you that’s causing it. :thinking:

  • What type of mobile device are you using?
  • What country are you in?
  • What do you typically do just before using the magnet?
  • How much have you upgraded the ancient rune and silver capacity?
  • How many hours usually elapse between using the magnet?
  • Do certain ads seem to make it happen more often?

Might help them figure it out. Or not. :thinking:

I nominate that as the understatement of the year, based on how annoyed I’d probably be. :grimacing:

P.S. I’m now petting my dog’s head to return me to my happy place. :wink:

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Please give your pup extra pats for me. :dog:

I’m using an android phone. I don’t know if that’s making a difference. (LG K20V) I don’t have any ad issues with anything else I play.

Oh & the other ad related issue I think someone else mentioned recently, trying to collect fit quest rewards has its own separate issue. If it doesn’t work on the first try I have to restart the game entirely & try again. Clicking the button, even after waiting a minute or two, won’t do anything. I’ve missed some rewards because they expired while I was trying to reset the game.

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Sounds like your ad provider may be running out of ads to show you. I have heard of people in other games complain about similar things, at least in the past. :thinking:

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Same problem last night. I gave up.

I also have this problem some days.