Not receiving offline rewards

i have been using offline mode for a few days, first when reconnecting after it used to give an error, then after restarting the appp it showed me the awards and to double by thevideo.
however today and yesterday i focused for long hours pomodoro, but it didnt show any rewards, not even the minutes on history… like i really am bummed out cuz they were legit 2-3 hours worth of focus time and god knows how much raindrops.
kindly look into it

@Fatibaby Can you please check your game is up to date in Play Store / App Store? Sometimes, I sync an error due to the Focus Plants apps might be outdated.

@Fatibaby Please let me know your game id so I can investigate. We are fixing an issue related to offline mode and will release it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

82yqp2 is my ID thanks

You need to use the normal way to quit when you started the focus session. Quitting in the pause is an incorrect way to quit the focus sessions after the restart. There is a bug over there.