Not getting sunshine from ads that are supposed to give 3 sunshines

Some ads provide bonus of 3 sunshines, but I am noticing that I am not receiving them even after watching the complete ads.

Please settle the issue.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. This is probably due to a network connection issue. If it happens again, try to exit and re-enter the game. The number of sunshine will match the video watched count. Please let me know otherwise.

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Actually i think i was not clear in explaining the situation.

See, there are 6 ads daily which give 3 sunshines each. And then there are ads other than these 6, which are not meant for providing “daily” sunshines (say ads meant for increasing the “extra oomph” in “rainy the whale”); but still some of these ads provide 3 sunshines as a “bonus” just for watching that specific brand’s ad till the end (maybe they have such a tie up with your app for that purpose). I was mentioning about such bonus sunshine ads. It is also written at the bottom of such ads’ playback, that “Earn 3 sunshines √”. I am not receiving such bonus sunshines from such ads.

I hope I was clear. If you still dont get the problem, I will provide a screenshot the next time.

Thanks for the co operation, appreciate your help.