Not enough rubies for new explorer

Not happy that I finally saved up 1.2 K rubies but when I go to get my next explorer valued at 1.2 K rubies it says I don’t have enough and do I want to buy some rubies. I am not happy, took a long time to save these up.

After getting even more rubies I eventually got my explorer. Still upset that I could not get it as soon as I got enough rubied.

I had this happen recently, though I knew it was just due to how many digits could be displayed within the app and rounding. For instance, to send the explorer, the cost was likely more more than 1.2K rubies, like 1,240 rubies, which rounds to 1.2K. If you tried purchasing it with 1,200 rubies, which also rounds to 1.2K, you would not have enough, even though it appears to be so when just comparing rounded number to rounded number. It’s not a bug within the app but just an oversight on the rounding.

You’re really close though, just a few more and you’ll get there each time you see it!