Not able to unlock anymore zoo plants

Hi! Kinda newbie here looking for a little help…

For almost a week now, I can’t seem to unlock anything after the fysh tree in zoo world. I don’t know why this would all of a sudden occur, but it’s been several days now, and I’m on the verge of just uninstalling the game :frowning: I can’t tell if it’s an issue on my end, but there are no guides available figure this out any other way :-/

Also, since the last update, is no longer tracking my steps. It’s been stuck on 3 steps for several days now.

(ID: FCBLr32ji)

Hi notoriousNEG,

Sorry to know you are having issues with the game.

Are you using iPhone or Android phone? Which step tracking option are you using?

With unlocking new plants:
The merge results are based on probabilities and some times it takes more than a few times to get the desired results. For example, if you would like to unlock Catee (the plant next to Fysh tree), I would like to suggest you to plant 8 Bearos and 8 Hushus, wait for all of them to fully grown, then merge them. This will maximise the chance for your to get Catee. In my personal Pocket Plants game experience, I once did more than 30 merges to get the next plant (this is a quite extreme case).

Please let me know if you are still having issues unlocking new plants.

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for getting back to me :smiley:

I appreciate the info. I really was on the verge of uninstalling this game, so it was good to know it wasn’t just a bug or something.

I’m using an android (LG G5; android 7.0) for step tracking. It worked fine until the last update, but it’s been stuck at 3 steps since then.

(Also, is anyone else having trouble typing in these text entry boxes? My keyboard completely obscures the text preview. I have to exit my keyboard back and forth to see if there are any typos and it’s incredibly cumbersome! It happens no matter which keyboard I try. Please tell me there’s an easier way! lol)

Hi @notoriousNEG we’ll investigate on the Android step counting issue with a LG phone. It’s gonna be tricky since we cannot reproduce the issue at our end. We’ll let you know once we make any progress and thank you very much for your patience and support!

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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