No videos please

Like the app so far.
But, why the video’s to increase drops? I’m trying to do LESS time on the phone. And this option is making me spend MORE time on the phone.
It makes me want to delete the app. I’d rather pay an amount once to support than getting tricked into watching these videos.

Hi @Nienke_Bakker thank you for reaching out.

Firstly, the game is designed to increase focus motivation for people who have a hard time adopting the habit with existing apps. Therefore it doesn’t conflict with our goal if spending time in the game increases your desire to come back to the app and focus.

Also from the business perspective, we need ads to sustain our development since we don’t want to charge for any focus functionalities. If you really hate ads and want to support us, we offer a subscription service which you can skip ads and receive rewards instantly :slight_smile: