No Story text after Stage 3

Dear Team,

thank you for the new Focus Quest App. I enjoyed using Focus Plant throughout my workday and Focus Quest makes this even more fun for me. I used Focus Plant for about 4-5 weeks when Focus Quest came around.
I’m already done with Stage 3 which is currently after ~33 hours of the app being released to the app store. Afterward, there was no story text anymore. So I’m not sure if this is a bug or if there is simply a lack of story text being in the game.

Server: Focusland
ID: k6rmzk

Again, thank you for merging my love for games with my love for getting sh*t done into an app.

Best Regards,

Hi @DKTrue, thank you for reaching out. We haven’t finished the storyline after chapter 3. We’ll release more stories from update to update and you can read them in the ‘handbook’ section if you have already passed the stages.