No new plant seeds in unlocked world

Love this game so addictive! Have just updated to version 1.3 which is supposed to remove mutations and give 2 plant seeds when you unlock a world. Have just unlocked sea and can’t progress any further as only one seed has unlocked. Any help much appreciated

Hi @Alyce09

I’m really sorry to let you know that this is a data migration issue and we have no way to fix it until we release a new version next week. Normally we would give away 2 plants when you unlock a new world for new users or if you haven’t unlocked anything in a world but your case is very rare.

No worries will look forward to next update. Thanks for your reply :smiley:

Hi I really like this game but I’m having a similar issue as the OP above. I’ve unlocked the Sea world but no new seeds were available in there for me to plant / mutate. I’ve also tried mutating grassland and desert seeds in the sea world to see if I could find a new sea plant but that didn’t work either. I’ve just updated to the new version 1.4.1 and it hasn’t changed this issue yet. Please let me know if this can be fixed thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Orianajoy

Thanks for telling us, Could you tell us your shortid (in the settings) so we can better fix this problem in the next update

Thanks I think it’s Hkhg-Hxw

Hi @Orianajoy

We have fixed this problem and will release it in the next version.

Sorta-newbie here; thank you for bringing this up!

I’ve been stuck in the same spot in the zoo world for almost a week and thought I was missing something obvious (the last plant I unlocked is the fysh tree). It’s frustrating to stop progressing, only able to fill orders for days on end :frowning: It’s not accurately taking my phone steps, either, since the most recent update.

(User ID: FCBLr32ji) Not sure of any other info needed…