No Mega Superpass Daily Reward?

Did not receive the 4pm mail of the Mega Superpass Daily Reward today (November 22, 2023).

I have checked my subscription, and I am still currently paid in full for that level reward.

Is it possible to have the missed rewards credited to my account?

Thank you,

Hi Mars,

Just posting, or re-posting, with the question regarding the one odd missing daily “Mega Super-Pass Reward”…

It’s honestly a very low priority. I’m mostly curious about a glitch in the daily mailer… and if anyone else has experienced anything similar before.

Drop me a note if you have time to look into it; till then, have a most wonderful holiday season!

Cheers, Chris

Hi @Chris_Sinnott,

Thank you for reaching out. Can you please send me your game id to so I can look it up along with your other issues?


Hi @Chris_Sinnott, please ignore my last message, I’ve found your game id from another post. I’ve sent you the missing items to your in-game mail. Thank you again for your patience!

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