No loot with latest update

I have seen both 8-10 and 7-10 with no loot on nightmare on the fit tower server. Just thought you should know.

@Puck thank you for your feedback. Have you updated to the latest version, v1.3.2?

@marspark My app has been updated immediately after the update is the App Store. However, I still get an empty loot at least one during a loot session. Still all servers. Taking into account that currently most of loots are very poor, an empty loot is a blow.

I’ve gotten empty loots as well from the castle levels in the hell mode

@marspark yes I have the latest version downloaded

It also happens to me when looting the castle levels normal mode.

I’m actually getting more empty loots now than I was before the update.

Still empty loot & still loots with hardly any value.
I think it’s my last post on the subject.

I just got my first empty loot today, just one.

I know it’s been awhile since this thread started but I wanted to bring to attention there are still loot runs where I get no loot (and yes I’ve updated to the latest version).

Yep, same here @Shikudo …doesn’t happen often tho