No items in the loot

@marspark Is the empty loot a new feature of the game or is it a bug?

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Definitely a bug lol

I hope. It’s happened again!

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@Rain I’ll confirm with our game designer on this.

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Thanks. It’d be nice to know. I get an empty loot on each server almost every time I do a loot session

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(A little late but wanted to add it’s happening to me too)

I have not really kept track, but I am getting empty loot as well somewhere between 1/20 to 1/10 of the time.

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Hi guys I’ve confirmed that this is a bug from our end. The build we submitted yesterday fixes this issue. I’ll release them as soon as I can.

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@marspark Thanks for fixing it so quick. I hope that Apple approves the build soon since now I’ve started having empty loots twice in a row.


There is the same « blank » bug in Hero shop.

The loot issue is now fixed in the latest version (v1.3.2). Please let me know if you are still seeing this issue.

@marspark at first everything looked good. Unfortunately my last loot session on Twin Peak server, Hell mode, stage 8-10 started with an empty loot :frowning: (The app has been updated)