No gold chest ads ever since I maxed out Lelemon's Duck accessory

After a loooong time of collecting topazes, I finally had enough to max out Lelemon’s rubber duck accessory (at max level, it is supposed to give a lot more gems from gold chest ads). But I have not had gold chest ads for almost week ever since I maxed out Duck and so I can’t utilize the reward. :frowning: Is there a reason why gold chest ads are no longer available? I feel like I’ve spent all my topazes for nothing based on what seems like a misrepresentation :frowning:

I really love this app, though! Just a small grievance. :stuck_out_tongue: thanks in advance for looking into this, if you would!

Hi @wokajenn, my apologize for the late reply, things have been crazy here in the studio. We’ll investigate right away and hopefully include a fix in the up coming version.

Thanks for the reply @marspark. No worries that it is late, really appreciate the hard work you guys have been putting into this fun app!! I look forward to the upcoming update!

The gold chest ads returned for a while but they have not been appearing the past couple of days.