No gift received

Today I claim last of starter gift but I didnt receive any item.
Also I found that sometimes locations didnt refresh and this mąkę that I need to attack different, not so interesting ones.

Hi Greg_Blueye,

Sorry to know you are having troubles with the game.

Can I please grab your game ID to look into the issue? The ID is located in the game settings page.


Its zm3d4g
Good luck!

Thanks Greg!

Did you know that the last day gift is actually a set of Warrior outfit? They are not equipments. You can find them in ‘Equipments > Warrior > Outfit’.

Also, could you tell me a bit more on the location not refreshing issue? Did the game progress roll back?

Yes its True! Its outfit, tx.
With no refresh locations - generally all game not refresh at the same time. (But it works better every Day! ) Sometimes new day is start but there are still step counter from yesterday, sometimes locations refresh in midddle of day. For example now chest with rare items that should refresh Sunday 0.0 UTC is still with old

@Greg_Blueye we’ll optimize these refresh timers in the coming updates, thank you!

In previous post I was talking about outfit chests - there counter is not reset last Sunday.
But I have another claim: Today about 15 UTC I was trying to play a bit as usual at my work (the same settings, phone, net conn ) and it Look that connection was unstable or some errors because when I refresh equip store nothing happen, just this circle showing that game is refreshing. Then nothing happen. I push refresh button again and after while it show for sec one set of new equip (long time waiting good hat for warlock! ) and jumps into new set of items eating me 30 crystals! Lot of minor bugs later - doesnt play adv just start, try to do something and back to main screen. Therefore I didnt receive total 1200 extra silver. I even try to open forum but also doesnt let me in.

Today I purchased an outfit chest, received an ice armor outfit for my warrior, but went to put it on my character but it’s not in my inventory. Please help!

ID: z7wwjq
Server: FitTower

@Josh_Ellis the outfit chests don’t have outfits for warrior. Can you please check if your priest/knight/mage received an armor outfit?

@Greg_Blueye sorry I somehow forgot to reply to this post. I’ve sent you some crystals for the troubles you’ve gone through.