No Ads available yet

Hello, since 2 days, I can’t see any ads for crystals and additional %. Do you have an idea when it will be fixed?

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UK, too.

At first the ads were loading extremely slowly, but now there is no ads even after the button change the colour indicating that there should be an ad available. Annoying keep loosing points.

@Shikudo also in the :uk:…finding adverts are intermittent. closing the game and reloading sometimes helps

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@Shikudo update …working fine today :+1:

I’m still bot getting ads.

We’ve just got confirmations from ad provider that the ads problem is now resolved. Can you please check if it’s the case?


I’m getting ads now. Some take longer to load but they appear eventually. Longest wait was approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds. Thanks for fixing them :clap::smiley::clap:

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Works fine now. Thanks

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