Newbie Confusion

Hello all:
I’m relatively new to PocketPlants, and I’m loving it. But I’m getting rather confused over aspects of the game not covered in the tutorial. I have no idea what to do with the super plants, and I can’t figure out the differently colored “halos” at the base of some plants.

Is there some sort of wiki, or a graphic that explains more about the basics?

Any help is very much appreciated.

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Hi @slouxdax,

Super plants function the same way as normal plants, i.e: you can plant them on their respective worlds and they’ll produce more energy, amethysts and even rubies. The way to active them is to collect enough ‘pieces’ through quests, plant shop and friends’ quests.


Super plants are just that- they give you “super” rewards- more energy/time, crystals or rubies. You can not use super plants to fill orders. The halos at the bottom of the plants depends on the plant. The halos of the super plant are the color of their rewards- blue for energy, gold for crystals and purple for rubies. Additionally, the halos of super plants will shine/glow upward, further distinguishing a super plant compared to its ordinary counterpart. The halos of the ordinary plants indicate if they’re grown up or not. Newly planted plants will be brown until they have grown up, in which case they’ll be gold.

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Thank you both for the explanation. I do have other questions about the game, but I’ll play a bit more before posting here. Thanks once again!

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Having played for a few months I’ve found that buying treasure chests in the plant store with rubies has helped find the elusive super plants I’ve been looking for !