New wokamon update?


Hey I was just wanting to know if you guys had any plans for new wokamon? I just got the last one and now I don’t know what I’m going to do I love this game and will have nothing else to do if you don’t update soon! :laughing::joy: haha


Hi @Lilbritt291

Thanks for contacting us, our next major release with come up with 2 new Wokamons, and we aim to updates the new version at the middle of September


Day has been made! Omg can’t wait!


Sooo when’s the next update i ran out of wokamon again :joy:


We will release 2 Wokamons in the coming versions.


What has happened to the upgrade that gives more stuff and fixes the lottery that give few accesoried.


The latest version has fixed the lottery issue. Please give it a go :slight_smile: We’ll add 2 more wokamons this month.


Thank you we look forward to more Wokaman. I have not seen any fix for the lottery though. I usually have to spend 2,000 topaz to get another accessory, some times even more


Hi @grahamdeperlo, are you using iOS or Android?


We both have Android