New updates? Looking forward to additions


Hello, are there any updates coming soon for the game? It seems like it’s gone on the back burner a bit and kinda stalled out. The games AWESOME don’t get me wrong, I still play every day and it’s one of the forefronts for Fitbit rpg links but I’ve gotten to abo
ut 400k fighting lvl and the “hell” missions but there’s limited growth opportunities now. Could we implement other armor and weapons gains other than the arena six star once a week or maybe for one or two rewards on the -10 lvls? Or maybe add a raid addition to the guild sections? The games killer and I enjoy playing it I just hope there’s more to come. Best regards, Shine.


I’m worried that this has become similar to Wokamon now that fit tycoon has come out. When Fitness RPG came out, Wokamon went about a year without any updates.