New Update is crashing the game


Just a heads up. I updated the app… but now I can’t get into the game. First I had to reinstall which I’m not sure if that is meant to happen but it will start to load to 85% then hang for about 20-25 seconds then crash…

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Same here. Stops at 85% and won’t load. Using up to date iPhone X and have tried clearing memory, rebooting etc to no avail. :frowning:

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Same here. Missed my daily quest.

I have the same issue. I cannot connect, stops at 85%.



Just following up to confirm I have the same issue.

Not sure if it helps at all, but I had a quick check of the network traffic. After the hotpatch check and GDPR check, the /server/get request seems to resolve okay (returns what looks like a legitimate/expected response). Based on that, guessing it’s related to how the app is interpreting the response rather than anything server-side…

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I have posted in the other thread but i’ll put an update here.

I am getting notifications for market refreshes but still cannot select my progress after re-installing without the game stalling and crashing :sweat_smile:

Thank you @NemosDemos! Can you please help me to find out if the app calls member/login when it stucks at 85%?

Hi @marspark: can’t see any requests to that endpoint.

For reference, when starting the app I only see three API-related requests: a POST to /hotPatch/check, a POST to /server/checkGDPR and a POST to /server/get.

(Maybe related, but probably not: the POST to /server/get sends with a JWT header/token (which I’m guessing is tied to my user), however, I get the same response from the server whether I include this header or not, which was interesting.)

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Thank you that’s great information which means the problem occurs before the member/login process. We’ll look into the rest part of the code! Thank you again!

I have the same issue ever since. Do we have an idea when it will be fixed ??? I even deleted it because i save my profil each time i close the app and my profil cant even download

Is there any idea of an ETA? I really miss my silly little warriors lol. And i don’t want to get kicked out of my guild :frowning:

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@Cath_Martel, @Sarah_Hennessey, we’ve submitted the build and sent the beta version for review. Whichever finishes first we’ll invite players to test it (since we can’t reproduce the 85% stuck issue from our own devices). Thank you very much for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience caused.