New skins for techsaur & tree


Hi Kazeodori,

Sorry for the late reply. Just a quick message to let you know we have send the Techsaur to your account. Please go to the game message section to claim it. Thank you!


Hi violet_elms,

Sorry for the inconvenience it caused. I’ve sent the Resaurcher to your account. Please go to the message page to claim it.

Can I also get some details with you so that we can further look into the issue there?

  • Did the Resaurcher come up on the main screen at all right after you bought it?
  • Did you buy Resaurcher after the Techsaur free trail period, or during the free trail period?
  • Did the game crash during or after your made the purchase?

Thank you!


i have the same problem,i brought two techsaur skin and and my main scream are a sleeping one!my ID is F3N@xy2i@


Hi jetcc,

The skin has been sent to your account. Please claim it in the message section. Thank you for your patience with us.


Bought sturdier, but skin won’t apply-



Hi Infelix,

Sorry the late reply. The original message was blocked by the forum for some reason.

I’ve sent the skin to your account. Please go to the message section to claim it.

Thank you!


Hi! I purchased the Resaurcher and don’t have the skin. I purchased it during the free Techsaur trial and the Resaurcher worked for a bit but was gone when the free Techsaur trial ended.
My ID is MCZMxkYW*

Can someone help? Thanks!!


For what it’s worth, based on the screen shots and my own experience, it looks like the problem only showed up if someone bought a skin with $$ and HADN’T first (or simultaneously) purchased the base Techsaur with rubies.

I spent rubies first, long after the free trial had passed, and a little while later went for the $ upgrades; they were available immediately.

I’m guessing, therefore, that the coding is currently set up to assume that base-Techsaur-for-300-rubies is the default key that makes all subsequent skins available for use.


Hi gwensaur,

Sorry for the late reply. We’ve sent the skin to your account. Please claim it in the message section. Thank you!


Hello! I’m having the same problem after buying the Resaurcher. It was my first time playing the game, so I don’t know if I missed some free trial for a Techsaur, as mentioned above…? But in any case, I did buy him and the skin is not showing up, just a sleeping fellow who never wakes up. Would really appreciate help as it seems its been given to other players so nicely. :slight_smile: I commented on another thread as well a day or so ago, but since that was an older post I am hoping I’ll have more luck here. My game ID is F3+stEz9@

Thank you very much!


Hi @distractionary, thank you for your detailed update and your guess is very close to the cause of the issue. The fix will be included in our next update which is pending on release.

Thank you for your help and patience!


Hi Cellosubmarine,

Sorry we missed your previous post. We’ve sent the skin to your account. Please claim it in the message section. Thank you!


Thank you very much!


It won’t let me purchase new schoolsaur and tree V in the shop. I hit the price but nothing happens


Hi Kuhz,

Please refer the reply in the following post. Thank you!


Please extend the time to purchase new skins to a longer time frame. I love Pocket Plants and I want to be able to support the game, but I really don’t want to feel like I’m being rushed to buy limited items. It makes me not want to play at all.
(The new skins only just showed up for me today, & now I only have 3 days to buy them. That’s too limited!)



I purchased two techsaur skins today but they are still locked. Witchsaur and Saudier.