New Server: Pump Garden

Hi guys,

We are going to launch a new server on 16th Aug.

Happy walking!

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Hi, afraid there’s a new issue. The levels haven’t cleared so I can’t even do the daily challenge as that level says I’ve used all 5 attempts, but that was yesterday :frowning:

What’s your current game id? I’ll investigate right now.

It’s solved by a forced closure and phone reboot, so OK on that now, but will probably catch others out!

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Interesting, the ads reappeared as did my rewards from yesterday’s guild etc on the above. So hopefully back to running out of ads less often, but in case you want to see how/why it’s needing a reboot etc to recognise it’s the next day my I’d is b94jgp

Odd because the guild renewals hadn’t been affected before today.

What about new content to the game

I started a new game on this new server but in doing so can’t log back in to one of my other two profile.

Can’t connect to my game on the server Power Tablet:

Annif2 I am not sure of my ID but think it is:

I also sent you a private message but wasn’t sure you would see it.

Ad videos make the game stuck

I agree, and as most games cut ads forever for. Few quid, the charges on this one seem incredibly steep!

I am tired of restarting the app over this