New phone old data

I got a new phone recently and I don’t know how to transfer the data of my old account? The app just comes up with a new account! Please help!

@BASILCAT no problems, can you please answer a few questions for me?

  • Do you still remember your game id?
  • Or nickname?
  • Have you downloaded the latest version (v1.3.10)?
  • Have you connected to Game Center or Facebook?
  • Which server were you? Twin Peak or Fit Tower?

My user name was: Douglas
Id: z8gx22
And It was fit tower I think!
I think I connected to Google play! I hope that helps!

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Hi, can you please try to change your server by selection ‘change server’ in the settings page? You should see a data conflict window and please remember to choose ‘cloud’.

Also please make sure you are upgraded your game to v1.3.10. Please let me know if you can’t retrieve your data!

Hi again! It didn’t work I’m afraid! I tried too change the server and it just let me change the server without coming up with a data conflict page!
I’ve checked my upgrade and it looks like the latest version!

@BASILCAT Your account is binded with Facebook so you’ll need to connect Facebook in your new Fit Tower account. That’ll bring up the data conflict window.

In the meanwhile can you please let me know your current game id if that doesn’t work?

Thank you so much!!! My game is back!!! You’re amazing!! :grin::grin:

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