New phone, lost progress HELP please

I restored my game when I replaced my phone, and my progress was set way back. My id is FCK*TYZXp.

Hi zommom,

Is ‘FCK*TYZXp’ your current ID? It’s showing you are at lv 56. If this is not the most current progress, which level are you supposed be at? How many worlds have you unlocked?

Thank you!

No, I was close to unlocking the final plant in the frozen world, just had to save up a little bit more amethysts to unlock it. I’m not sure exactly what my level was, but it set me back quite a bit and now I have to re-unlock several plants in that world. I also had purchased extra characters to explore with rubies, and they are now one again locked. The only one I hadn’t yet unlocked was in zoo world, and I had saved up most of the rubies for that one, which are now gone. I really don’t want to have to repeat all of that again. :frowning:

Hi zommom,

I’ve manually created the missing data and transferred it to your end. Would you like to see if you are now at the beginning of the the Music Realm? Thank you!

Yes, it worked! Thank you SO MUCH!