New Lucky Draw System changes

Hi guys, we are introducing a new system to lower the overall topaz requirement for golden items and hope you’ll feel more rewarded than ever :smiley:

Lucky Draw System Changes

  1. Each lucky draw is guaranteed to give you a golden accessory or world (no more fruits!)

  2. If you’ve already possessed the golden item drawn, it levels up automatically

  3. Cost for fruit lucky draw is reduced by 50%

New Level Up Shop

  1. Each day a random selection of golden accessories and worlds will appear in the level up shop

  2. The shop resets the level up cost for each item when it refreshes (doesn’t matter which level the item is at)

Any problems please shoot through, happy walking!


Well when is this version coming out?


Great news ! When will this new update be available ?

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It’s under review by Apple App store, should be availalbe in a couple of days.

When will it be available for android?

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I really like the new change (iPhone), but I’m curious whether or not I will get new gold items in the lucky draw or not. So far every box has been an upgrade to an item or world, but I haven’t received anything new.

It’s still better than fruit, but I need some way of getting the missing gold items too.

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It’s a great update but when will there be new wokamon? The last new ones were in March. I love the game but when all achievements have been reached its just a bit pointless. If there are going to be new wokamon will they still have items to buy with crystals? Please put new wokamon on, really do enjoy the game!!


Another question about the lucky chests. Why is the *10 chest 999 topaz? Is this somehow better than buying 10 individual chests?


@Seekret1 10x lucky draw will guarantee 1 NEW golden item. The chance of getting NEW golden item is still relatively lower. However there’s a golden world to boost that chance.

@Christina_W We are working on the Android version, there’s a lot of catchup to do so it’ll take some time

@Tara_Thompson Next major update will include new Wokamons

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I wish you would make it more clear when updates are iPhone only. Yet again, I get excited that there are improvements only to realise once again they are only for iPhone. Getting close to giving up on your apps because of this! Treat us fairly please!


Same as Sam… why not separate out Android and iPhone updates? I’m disappointed to see that the Android version, which is already well behind the iPhone version, again has no firm timeline for updates. Getting notified that there’s new features coming for iPhone version is salt in the wound. I was playing daily until I maxed out pretty much everything… now there’s barely any reason to login even weekly.

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@Sam_Harrison @Medlir apologizes for sending out iOS updates to Android, we’ll turn it off today. In terms of Android update, it got delayed after we lost our only Android developer:( But things are back on track since we found a freelance developer. You will start seeing new releases soon :slight_smile:

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How does one access new planets after maxing out the dream planet. They all say lucky draw. But don’t show up on the lucky draw tab as an option

It’s a known bug, will fix it in the coming versions.


Any idea when the android update will roll out?

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I had 1352 topazes this morning and I have four Wokamons who have none of their Lucky Draw accessories, so I was super excited to spend 999 topaz on the special green chest and get a new accessory. Unfortunately, it only gave me ten fruits and no accessories! :frowning: I then used the rest of my topazes opening up regular Lucky Draw chests hoping that one of them would give me a new accessory, but they only gave me fruit as well. I have 12 total new accessories that I could have gotten, but I didn’t get any… Any idea why? I’m so upset I wasted so many topazes! :cry:

Hi. I don’t see the lucky draw box anywhere in my app and was wondering is it still available.


That’s probably because you have got only 1 wokamon, how many wokamon do you have?

when will the android version be out? this whole fruit thing is making me want to delete the game :frowning:

I agree. I have an iPad, but my phone is an android. Seriously lacking on the android side of things…