New guild named Classic

Guild id: 5b322186f2351e3db598d0ad

It is full. Any others?

Try Titans. Classic already full.

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All 4 are already full. Need to increase the user/guild limit or make it a lot cheaper

I created EvilCorp, everyone active is welcome!
And super checking is appreciated :heart:

Titans have 6 spots right now! We want to get members as many as possible but the problem is to make a bigger guild people need to check-in everyday which is free or super check in which helps a lot and have much benefits ( costs only 100 gems!) We remove people who doesnt check in in their first day because its the starting period. 120 lvl is for prevent people who doesnt check in! If you are under 120lvl you could enter the waiting list and if you reply this message with username (in this case we will know you play regularly) we will be happy to see you with us! :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m in your classic guild, but I’m having account problems so please don’t kick me out while I’m gone. I will make it up to ya

I tried joining aether after aether and classic hit lvl 4, but they kicked me after 12 hrs, presumably because I hadn’t checked in. It’s impossible to check in till 24 hrs after joining, though. Hopefully classic is a little smarter about this. I’m lvl 105 and always super check in, so I would like to think I am worth the wait.

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