New Guild Checkin Help

It’s been 24 hours since I left my last guild, but I still can’t check into the new one that accepted me. I really don’t want to get kicked out of a guild (again) for not being able to quickly checkin. Can an admin check my account please? Id: rd62gg. Thanks.

Any admins in here? The next checkin deadline is coming up quickly and I still can’t checkin to the new guild despite having left the previous guild 30 hours ago. Thx.

I’m not an admin, just from my personal experience: 24 hours starts counting since joining in. So it doesn’t matter how long you waited before joining a new guild, you can check in only 24 hours (for me was almost 25 hours) after having joined a new guild. Good luck.

Ahh - thank you! If it’s 24 hours (ish) after you join the next guild, it seems like it could penalize guilds for taking on new members if they can’t contribute quickly. Oh well. So far I haven’t been kicked…