New characters and planets

Any chance of getting new characters and planets anytime soon? I have 5 friends that are all maxed out and another friend that will max out in a short period of time.

Please add some more for us loyal fans of this game!?!? Please

Attached is a list to show the “friends” maxed out

PLEASE :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for reaching out, and thank you for staying so long and completing all the contents.

Although we would love to, I cannot guarantee the timeline for extra content due to limited resources. We do add content from time to time and will try our best.

In the meantime, why not giving our other fitness games a try?

Happy walking and stay safe!

Lol I’ve just asked for the same. I understand the time restraints, but it’s been a while since the last new monsters.

Hi Mars,

I did try it…it just isn’t for me. More complicated than I like, I know things take time but if we could just get something here and there… I know I watch a lot of ads…even the Asian ones :slight_smile: