New ad crashes app

The new game ad with the blonde woman saying “you can take it from here” crashes my game every time - when you X out of the ad, you can’t collect the topazes/crystals you earned, and the trunk stays open on the screen so you can’t get new trunks. You have to close the app and reopen it. It seems to only be a problem with this ad.

FWIW, for a while two ads would play at the same time, but it looks like you fixed that - thanks!

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I’m having the same issue with the Blond Lady game ad. Worse still…it plays every other time you hit the ad tab and gold box videos. Being as everything I have requires topazes and she has already cost me several hundred topazes, I’m getting pretty frustrated. Please fix this soon,

This appears to be happening with the Mobile Strike ads.

She’s right - it just happened again with one of the (long) Schwarzenegger ads. :frowning: Please fix!!

Same problem with mobel struck ad and it the only ad I have been getting so losing all topez and gems getting very iritating Please fix

Same problem here. Have lost a few hundred topaz to this glitch and I don’t know how many crystals.

Me too, ads were crashing but now the video play button is completely gone.

Hi guys thank you for your feedback and really sorry for the inconvenience caused. We are contacting our ad supplier urgently to solve this issue as soon as possible. Please report crashes if you continue to see them so we can pass more information to our ad suppliers.

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Hi guys, can you please help us by confirming the last time you’ve encountered a crashing ads? It will be also helpful if you can include a screenshots before the crash.

For me, it’s been a few days. The two ads that did it were the one with the blonde woman (never gave a product/game name) and later a long-form ad for the Schwartzenegger game (Mobile Strike?) I haven’t seen either one for a few days.

All a screenshot would show is a chest stuck open and nothing happening. That’s the crash.

@Jennifer_Houlihan thank you we’ll fix it now urgently

Hi guys, the ad provider has asks to provide a screenshot of the ads. Do you guys mind to send us a screenshot when you believe the ad is causing the problem before the crash?

I haven’t see that ad in days. And there aren’t that many video game ads you run with footage of live people. The ad ends with a black screen with an X at the top right. When you click it, you go back to your regular screen, with a silver chest stuck open in the bottom right corner - no prompt to collect topazes/crystals. Just pull the ad from rotation and rebuild it if they can’t find the bug. This isn’t rocket science :slight_smile:

I haven’t had a problem with the ad since the last update. It plays fine now. All the mobile strike ads appear to be fine now.

Now if you could just fix the issue with ad icon (camera) disappearing and not reappearing until the next day. It gives you 10 ads to watch then disappears. Gold and silver chests will not give ads when it is not present. Please fix!

That’s good info, thank you Jennifer

Hi Maria, good to know that problem ads are gone. We’ve located the icon disappear bug and will fix it in the next build. Thank you for your patience.

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Ads have been freezing the app. This is the most recent

Thanks for this, we will further investigate it.