Negative gems (-59)

Hey Devs, I seem to have ended up with -59 gems after watching an ad video where previously I had some around the lines of 100. My id is pq9dwb and I hope this issue gets resolved soon. Thanks in advance :smiley:

Update, paid off the gems with a few as videos, but now it has happened to my energy too. Help.

Hi, may I grab your game id? Did silver disappear too or you just spent them?

My game id is pq9dwb, and don’t worry about the silver, I just spent them :slight_smile:

Update: I have found yet another bug. The shop isn’t displaying prices correctly :s

Sad to say that this game has too many bugs, and the devs should take a really long break to fix them instead of releasing new updates.

I have even stopped reporting some of the bugs in the game.

The issue has happened yet again, this time on mining for runes :confused: