Need help, or explanation of pets

I’ve had a search. But can’t find the answer.

How come your pets just sit there? I thought they’d join in? Do I need to lvl them up more? I have 2. Put them both into pet team slots. But alls I get, is the first one I got, sitting at top of the battle screen looking like he’s about to take 40 winks.

They have HPs so I can’t see why I can’t throw them into battle, just need some extra cannon fodder and these things would work well just as that.

It’s a little confusing, but they don’t actually have hp. They just supply a boost to whatever character is in the slot(s) shown. So, if the pet is +300 hp to back row middle slot, it will give 300 hp to whatever character you put in the back middle slot. Plus any mutations, and support abilities it has, if you also have those pets in your group (or they are 5*+).

That’s my understanding of it, anyway.

Ok, thanks. That clears a bit up.

I was curious how the slot thing worked, I thought you had to unlock the slot for pets, and the slot they add boosts to was where you had to set them.

Now it makes sense. I’ll have a play and see what happens.

Thanks again