My two conflicting fit tower accounts


@marspark - could you please help me get rid of Hawtpeas?


Hi, is your account misplaced again? Deleting Hawtpeas won’t really help as another new account will be created with the current bug.

We have already submitted a new build last night and hopefully it should resolve the data conflict drama.


Hi @marspark, things were much better after updating the app several days ago. I was able to select which account on which server I wanted to use, so I could avoid Hawtpeas.

Just a few minutes ago, when switching servers to my Sayuri account, it appears Artemis overwrote Sayuri, . What do I do?


@artemis512 I’ve restored your Sayuri account. Please switch to Fit Land (you’ll see an empty account in the menu), then once you are in, you should see a data conflict window where you can retrieve your progress.

Also, do you mind to tell me if you have been successful with switching your accounts? Did you do something unusual when you tried to switch the very last time? For example, crash?


When it failed to switch servers correctly, it crashed.

Today, same thing happened again. It was perfect after you fixed it last time, until this evening. Hope it’s fixable once more!


Hi @artemis512 we are working on this issue urgently. I hope you can help me with identifying the timing of the crash. Normally the selecting server process is:

  1. select server
  2. see a list of accounts
  3. click account
  4. a loading animation
  5. shows a popup and says ‘the game needs to restart’
  6. game closes

Do you still remember when the game crashes?



Can I ask if your account been fixed yet? If so, how many days did you lose playing? The same thing happened to my Twin Peak account last night and i’m feeling super frustrated. I’m waiting to hear back from the admins, but I’m also wondering if it’s worth it to stick around and see if they fix it. Any insight you can share on your account getting fixed (or not) would be appreciated! Thank you!


I just had the same problem. The game crashed when I hit “yes” to switch servers from fit tower to twin peak. Now my twin peak game is identical to my fit tower game. :frowning:

Is there anything I can do to fix this on my end?


It crashes at step 4. I hope this helps.

Side note, I’ve been playing both Artemis accounts, and I made some significant progress on fitland (I don’t think that is Artemis’s normal server). Hope to retain my progress if Sayuri is restored! :sweat_smile:


In my experience, the developers do give a hoot and will do their best to fix bugs quickly. I’d say hang in there! :blush:


Hi @PieNSky @AwesAnne, really sorry to see this happening. This requires a partial database rollback so it needs to be done when we are back to work on Monday.

In the meanwhile, do you guys experience a crash as well? If you do, can you please let me know the timing of the crash? Also can you please let me know your OS version, like iOS 7 or Android 8?

  1. select server
  2. see a list of accounts
  3. click account
  4. a loading animation
  5. shows a popup and says ‘the game needs to restart’
  6. game closes

Again really sorry for this to happen and thank you again for your patience.



Thank you for your understanding. Unfortunately when Sayuri’s progress is restored on Monday, your progress made over the period will lost. We’ll send over some compensations though.


That’s a bummer. :frowning:️ Thanks for the update though.


Thanks a ton for being so responsive.

This happened around step 4, I believe. I got the exact same popup messages as @artemis512 posted.

On a side (but related) note, I saw the same messages once when switching from my Fit Land account, but it seemed to restore the correct account from the cloud. Just a data point to help you find the problem.


Hi @AwesAnne what’s your current game id? And which server is your data messed up?


@artemis512 I’ve restored your account. Sent you a message.


My Twin Peak account (ID: rb38j8) got replaced with my Fit Tower account (ID: rekqe6). So it’s my Twin Peak account that’s messed up now.

Thank you!


Hi @AwesAnne I’ve restored your account, sent you a message.


Hi, can you please update the app to v1.4.2? It should have patched the account overwriting issue.

I’ll send over the compensation on Monday latest, please let me know if overwriting account still happen with the new patch. Sorry for the waiting and thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:


Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve just sent over the compensations for the missing days which your account has been overwritten for. Happy walking!